Your outbound is falling short

Samplead’s AI-driven platform redefines outbound sales,

offering a smarter way to find and build relationships with your ICP.
Take advantage of precision-targeted, tailored messaging, and grow your conversions X10.
Your outbound is falling short
Your outbound is falling short
Your outbound is falling short
Your outbound is falling short
Your outbound is falling shortYour outbound is falling shortYour outbound is falling shortYour outbound is falling shortYour outbound is falling short
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LinkedIn post about DevOp tools
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Podcast interview
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It's time for a new approach

How does it work?

Define your target audience

Complete a quick onboarding process to define your ICP.  

You can also upload a list of prospects you would like Samplead to monitor. Using multiple data sources, Samplead monitors the web daily. After finding an opportunity to approach (trigger), the right prospects are surfaced to the sales rep, along with a few versions of a personalized message.
Define your target audience
Get “hot” prospect suggestions that match your ICP

Get “hot” prospect suggestions that match your ICP

Samplead finds the best prospects to reach out to today.

Either new suggested prospects, or dormant prospects coming from your monitored list, our platform is constantly learning your ICP like a rep that never leaves the company.
All you have to do is approve or deny!

Scalable 1:1 personalized messaging and sequences

Each approved prospect will receive a personalized sequence that is based on the time-sensitive sales triggers that Samplead identified for them. Using trigger based personalization creates 10X more replies!
Scalable 1:1 personalized messaging and sequences
Gain complete visibility with advanced analytics

Gain complete visibility with advanced analytics

Effortlessly track campaign metrics—connections, replies, and meetings. Identify effective triggers and top prospect sources. Check prospect approval rates to fine-tune your targeting. Easily export data to CSV or integrate with your CRM for quick strategy adjustments.

Get more value from your tools

Connect Samplead with your favourite sales engagement tools.
Booked meetings
Reply rate
Monthly prospects
“As VP of Growth at 8fig, I've seen many sales solutions, but Samplead stands apart. It has boosted our conversion and reply rates (10x), saved us 15+ hours a week, and opened new prospecting opportunities. It’s rare to find a tool that delivers so promptly on its promises, but Samplead does exactly that.”
Avishai Sam Bitton
Avishai Sam Bitton
VP Growth @ 8fig
“As the single business function @wilco I was searching for a tool that would help me efficiently manage every aspect, of outbound activities. Samplead was the obvious choice, as it not only delivers excellent results but also saves me a significant amount of time.”
Natasha Shine-Zirkel
Natasha Shine-Zirkel
Chief Business Officer @ Wilco
“I’m thrilled with my results from Samplead.
They significantly boosted my engagement through their personalized prospect targeted approach, leading to a 10x increase in reply rates, and in just one month they secured me 10 relevant meetings for a conference.”
Dan Comyns
Dan Comyns
CEO @ Sellence
“Samplead has revolutionized our outreach, saving us over 10 hours each week and is now our primary method for outbound. The product has effectively targeted our challenging ICP of high-level executives, providing us with high quality leads, with a 40% LinkedIn connection rate.”
Caroline Burnett
Caroline Burnett
Revenue Operations Manager @ Savvy
"Prospecting outbound has never been easier."
Aviram Kadosh
Strategic Sales Development Leader @ Gigaspaces
"Samplead is helping my team surface and engage with high quality leads who are actively showing intent in our space"
Emily Langbehn
Senior Global Business Development Manager @ Salt
“Samplead has been an absolute game-changer for us, revolutionizing our customer engagement and productivity. With its advanced features, we have witnessed a significant boost in our outreach effectiveness, enabling us to connect with the right prospects at the right time and ultimately drive remarkable business growth.”
Naftali Bar
Director of growth @ Voyantis
“Samplead has revolutionized my role as the CEO, enabling me to take charge of my own sales development with just 10 minutes of daily effort. Not only does it save us a significant amount compared to outsourcing SDR services, but it also proves to be a crucial solution for founder-led sales.”
Aviv Bergman
Co-founder and CEO @ Gluework
“I've had extensive experience with outbound sales in my previous company. I am well aware of the metrics and numbers typically associated with outbound SDR efforts, which is why I am absolutely thrilled with the results we achieved using Samplead. The outcomes we witnessed were nothing short of remarkable, surpassing my expectations and proving the effectiveness of Samplead's approach.”
Mor Raphael Shabtai
Chief Operating Officer @ Graphiti
“This is a game changer,the potential of time based prospecting and personalization is huge”
Dave So
WW Director, Sales development @ Ermetic
“Samplead saved hours for my team and increased our conversion X5”
Elisha Levy
Head of International Sales Development @ Akamai
“I highly recommend any founder still in the founder-led sales stage to try Samplead. It not only made our sales processes smoother but also freed up precious time, allowing me to concentrate on driving innovation and growth.”
Or Biderman
Co founder and CEO @ Novacy
“Since implementing Samplead, we have seen significant improvements in our outbound marketing efforts. One of the best features for us has been the customization options that Samplead offers. These have allowed us to tailor our efforts to specific target audiences, resulting in higher engagement rates and better lead generation. Additionally, the customer support provided by Samplead has been exceptional, always responsive and helpful in addressing any queries we had.”
Eran Baron
CEO @ Deeto
“Samplead's AI is only second to their service. The algorithm learning capabilities is showing constant improvement and the general feeling is that the tool is "listening to us" and striving to fulfil our outreach needs.”
David Marom
Head of Panoply business group @ Sqream

Trigger based prospecting

Samplead scans the web to target potential customers based on recent online behaviour and buyer intent. Samplead turns intent signals intro actions.

Super-converting AI sequences

Our custom ML algorithm generates personalized messages by analyzing user preferences and building on successful outbound campaigns.

Amplify your sales and brand presence

Leverage every company profile, from executives to team members, securely. Go beyond lead generation to strengthen your LinkedIn presence, fuel demand gen, and gear up for conferences without increasing your SDR team.

More prospects, more conversions

It's a simple formula. Time-based personalization means more replies, which means more opportunities, which means more sales!