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Linkedin Hacks: Using Filters To Our Advantage

March 28, 2023

Now that we know that relevant keywords are our kryptonite, the question becomes, where do we put that to use.

One way is targeting LinkedIn posts, such as events, posts, groups, companies, etc. By using keywords to find posts that include them, the people interacting with these posts and relevant keywords are now our targets.

You might think that finding the right post with the right keywords and then the right people that interacted with those posts will take a long time.

You're not wrong, so we have some tips and tricks to save you some time.

1. Adding filters

Filters are a LinkedIn feature that we will use to our advantage. When you go to the search bar to look up an account, a post, an event, etc., you might notice bars under the search. These are called filters.

Selecting certain filters will help us narrow our search to only relevant results.

Let's say we are searching for an SDR.

First, we will put SDR into the search bar.

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Then we can look at the first filter, people.

If you are looking for someone, this is a helpful tool because it can filter by the distance of connection, location, and the current company this specific person is at.

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However, we do not know the specific person we are looking for, so let's move on to the next filter.


This filter can help us find companies related to our search, such as SDR-related companies.

We can use this as a jumping-off point to follow for relevant posts, but when we look at the size, companies with up to 14.9k members are just a little too broad for the search we conduct.

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So let's move on to the next.


As we discussed earlier, this can be an excellent way to find your potential audience. You can further filter by date posted and whom it was posted by.

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But let's keep going.

2. Events

Events-- this is an important one.

Events are helpful to us because we can find people who are attending a specific keyword-relevant event.

So if I were to look at the first event that came up, 133 people are actively pursuing interests related to our keyword.

And there is our lead.

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3. Groups

Similar to Events, Groups can also be a goldmine.

Once finding a relevant group, we now have access to thousands of people with the same interest, industry, location, etc. all actively claiming a connection tour keyword and willing to discuss and post about it.

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Groups can get pretty big. As you can see, the top one is 4.7k members. Although impressive, it might make our search a little more complex. Moving down the list to the groups under 1K might be a little more our speed.

Although not the generic route, groups are a surprising way to expand your audience.

4. All filters

Then we find the all filters button, which is our secret weapon.

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Filters allow us to specify all the above and more in one place.

5. Industry Filter

We can find the industry filter when we open all the filters.

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Often a hidden filter that most people don't think to search for, this only amplifies specific results for your search. When filtering, we strongly recommend filtering by industry. Although we have added particular keywords and taken relevance into account, this is another way to ensure you stay in your lane.


Now you might be thinking, great, this is a lot of data you have given me for a potential audience, but it's still up to me to comb through each post, group, event, etc., until I find specific people I can engage with.

A Boolean Search or an extension such as Phantom Buster can help with that.

Samplead is also always a great tool to use. Using our advanced AI technology, we don't only find you, people, to target, but we then craft the perfect message to send to the right person at the right time.

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