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The Efficiency and ROI of Traditional SDRs vs. AI-Driven SDRs with Samplead

The Efficiency and ROI of Traditional SDRs vs. AI-Driven SDRs with Samplead


A question that basically every B2B company asks before working with us is the difference in efficiency / ROI between:

> The classic multiple SDRs Function

> The AI SDR function with Samplead

While there's not a scientific explanation (we are in biz), there are some numbers to consider....

Things to Consider

1) The SDR (outbound) function is declining in efficiency and has diminishing return on the number of SDRs:

1 SDR = X meetings

2 SDRs are NOT = 2X meetings 

3 SDRs are NOT = 3X meetings 

83% of Sales Development teams missed their quota in 2023!

Most of the organizations we are seeing are pivoting from multiple SDRs to a couple of SDRs with very very good technology.

2) If not in terms of total output, it for sure makes sense in terms of ROI.

1 SDR in US costs $60-80K

2 SDRs costs $120-160K

3 SDRs costs $180K-$240

The more SDR you add the more the cost per meeting rises.

It's that simple and not sustainable.

3) Let's take the personalization of cold outreach example.

Imagine you want to create high value outreach for a prospect who is def. A great match.

A human SDR who has to manually personalize outreach needs to find the right prospect, go on a prospecting journey to find the right reason to reachout (twitter,google linkedin,website etc.), craft 1-1 message, this process (when done right- not talking about “hi first name saw you work in company name” type messages…) can take up to 20-30 minutes per prospect.

The same SDR using samplead can do X60 prospects per day.

Manage only replies (with AI guidance) and act like an inbound agent.

Our clearly show that GTM teams who use Samplead 10X their result.


You don't have to be a math PhD to understand that the ROI is way way better in the second case, right?

Now you have 2 choices: wait for the decline of the SDR or surf the new AI SDR era.


If this sounds interesting and you want to see more? Book a call here


The Samplead team

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More prospects, more conversions

It's a simple formula. Time-based personalization means more replies, which means more opportunities, which means more sales!