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How to Integrate to Salesforce

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  • Integrating the "Salesforce" program onto "Samplead" enables a seamless transfer of customer profiles from Samplead into Salesforce, a robust CRM platform. This integration empowers users to automate the process of sending tailored introductory messages to the exported list of profiles using AI-generated content, enhancing efficiency and personalization in customer outreach. But how does the set up process work? Luckily for you, this article should have all the answers you need.
  • The first step in integrating Salesforce onto Samplead is navigating to the integrations page. You can find this page in the top right corner of your dashboard.
  • Once you have reached the integration page, click on the Salesforce tab.
  • From here, you will want to connect Salesforce to your Samplead program. To do this, you will want to press the green “connect” prompt.
  • From here, you will want to enter your company or page’s domain name and press confirm. From this point, you will have successfully integrated Salesforce onto Samplead.

This explains how to integrate Salesforce onto Samplead. Follow this link to learn how to export your profiles into Salesforce.

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