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How To Restore And Delete Prospects

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  • So you want to know how to restore and delete prospects from your campaigns and Magic Moments? This is the article for you, then!
  • In order to delete your prospects from a campaign or Magic Moments, you first need to select the prospect you want to delete by clicking on their profile.
  • Once you select their profile, it will prompt you to delete the prospect on the right side next to the “export” prompt. By pressing this option, you will delete the prospect and the profile will go into the removed leads section.
  • In order to restore a prospect’s profile, navigate to the aforementioned “removed leads” section.
  • From there, select the prospect you’d like to restore by selecting their profile on the left side.
  • Once you select the profile you’d like to restore, it will prompt you to restore the profile on the top right.
  • And it’s as simple as that! You can delete or restore as many profiles as you’d like at one time as long as they are all selected. The number of profiles you’ve selected will populate next to the restore/delete prompt.
  • If you have any questions, please contact customer support.

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