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Gluework struggled with founder-led sales and resource allocation. Samplead stepped in and effectively tackled Gluework's unique sales hurdles, delivering impressive results.
Gluework is a company that provides sales and revenue leaders with a smart solution for streamlining cross-functional processes. By integrating existing tools, they automate process mapping and assessment, empowering managers to drive revenue growth efficiently and leverage real-time data.
Samplead provided an approach that combined time-effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in their outbound sales efforts. By leveraging Samplead, Gluework transitioned from outsourcing sales development research to an in-house approach, enabling them to have more control over the process and achieve better results. This approach allowed Gluework to streamline their outbound sales, optimize resource allocation, and ultimately drive more effective engagement with prospects while staying within their budget.
Aviv Bergman
CEO, CRO, and co-founder of Gluework
"Samplead has revolutionized my role as the CEO, enabling me to take charge of my own sales development with just 10 minutes of daily effort. Not only does it save us a significant amount compared to outsourcing SDR services, but it also proves to be a crucial solution for founder-led sales."
Craft a personalized message to each prospect
Uncover prospects formerly beyond reach
Automate hours of manuał research
Within 3 months, Gluework experienced...
Additional Meetings Booked Per Month
Labor Hours Saved Weekly
Increased Reply Rate

More leads, more conversions

It's a simple formula: Time-based personalization means more replies, which means more opportunities, which means more sales!
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More leads, more conversions