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Graphiti faced challenges in identifying their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and retaining that knowledge due to their founder-led sales approach, but sought a scalable solution from Samplead to streamline sales, discover their ICP, and manage sales processes while balancing other business demands.
Graphiti is a platform designed to offer businesses real-time visibility and valuable insights into their operational performance and health. By providing comprehensive monitoring and tracking capabilities, Graphiti empowers companies to keep a close eye on key metrics and data across their entire organization, facilitating the swift identification and resolution of potential issues. With its focus on delivering timely information, Graphiti plays a pivotal role in enabling businesses to make informed decisions and maintain optimal operational efficiency.
To address the challenge of increasing engagement in their outbound sales strategy while optimizing resource allocation, Graphiti turned to Samplead's advanced technology and solutions. By leveraging Samplead's technology, Graphiti was able to streamline their sales development process, automate prospect engagement, and significantly reduce the time and resources spent on SDR activities. The implementation of Samplead's solution enabled Graphiti to achieve improved lead generation and conversion rates while maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of their outbound sales efforts.
Mor Shabtai
Chief Operating Officer of Graphiti
"I've had extensive experience with outbound sales in my previous company. I am well aware of the metrics and numbers typically associated with outbound SDR efforts, which is why I am absolutely thrilled with the results we achieved using Samplead. The outcomes we witnessed were nothing short of remarkable, surpassing my expectations and proving the effectiveness of Samplead's approach."
Craft a personalized message to each prospect
Uncover prospects formerly beyond reach
Automate hours of manuał research
Within 1 month, Graphiti saw...
Meetings Booked
Prospect to Meeting Rate
Labor Hours Saved Per Week

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