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How to Integrate to Expandi

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  • Integrating Expandi onto Samplead brings powerful automation capabilities to your customer outreach process. By exporting a list of customer profiles from Samplead into Salesforce, you can seamlessly transfer data and streamline your workflow. With Expandi's AI-powered automation, tailored introductory messages can be automatically generated and sent to your list of profiles in Salesforce, saving you time and effort. This integration ensures a seamless end-to-end experience, from capturing customer profiles in Samplead to leveraging AI-generated messages in Salesforce, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts. But how can you successfully integrate Expandi onto Samplead? This article will explain how to do it.
  • In order to use the Expandi tool, you first need to navigate to the integrations page from your dashboard. You can find this by selecting the dropdown menu in the top right corner and clicking on the integrations prompt.
  • From there, you will see the Expandi tab. Click on it to begin the sign up process.
  • Once you have entered the Expandi tab, press the “connect” prompt to begin connecting Expandi to Samplead.

Once you’ve done this, you will have successfully integrated Expandi into Samplead. Follow this link to learn more about how to use and export your prospects to Expandi.

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