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How To Use Replies Section

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The replies tab in Samplead allows the user to see everyone that has replied to them via LinkedIn right in the Samplead dashboard. But how do you access it and use it? This article will teach you how.

The first thing you need to do is navigate to the replies tab. You can do this by locating the replies tab that looks like a text bubble on the left side. Clicking on this tab will bring you to the replies page.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have successfully reached the replies page. From here, you will notice that you can toggle between “new replies, interested, booked, and old replies.” These different tabs contain customer profiles that can be categorized under each section.

The main part of the replies section is being able to read the conversations between yourself and your customers and even being able to respond directly from Samplead. In order to do this, simply click on one of the replies. From here, you will be able to access the entire conversation between yourself and your customer. You will also be given a suggested reply generated by Samplead and have the ability to have Samplead rephrase your reply until you are satisfied.

In order to send out your reply, press the blue button in the bottom right corner.

This explains the replies section of Samplead! If you have any questions, please contact customer support.

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