How To Activate Suggestions Autopilot

How To Activate Suggestions Autopilot

                                                  How to activate Suggestions Autopilot

           Samplead can automatically approve prospect suggestions and send connection requests on your behalf. Moving your approvals to autopilot reduces your daily approval and deny time and is usually recommended when you approve/deny more than 400 prospects. You can define how many of the prospects' suggestions you want to keep approving manually. Here is how to do it …

  1. First you want to click on the Settings tab on the bottom left hand side of the screen

 2. Once on the settings page, you want to click on the Suggestions button in the top.

   3. The first thing is the Suggestions Autopilot option. You can click on the button to enable or disable it.

   4. You can choose which percentage of prospects to automatically approve. Those with the highest percentage alignment according to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) will be prioritized.

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