How to Approve/Deny Prospects

How to Approve/Deny Prospects

                                                            How to Approve/Deny Prospects

Samplead will suggest around 30 prospects per day. Approving and denying prospects is recommended to do every day as best practice to prevent a backlog of prospects and to ensure the system always has connection requests to send.

  1. On the left hand side of the screen, click on the suggestions tab.

   2. According to your company’s ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), which the user defined in ‘settings’,  you will see how good of a match this prospect is .

     3. You can also click on the trigger that connects you and the prospect to view the information source.


    4.If you like the suggested prospect, click Approve.

      5. If the prospect perfectly matches your ICP, you can super approve them. This teaches the system that this is an ideal example, leading to more similar suggestions in the future

     6. If the prospect is not suitable, click deny.

     7. After clicking 'Deny,' select a reason for why the prospect is unsuitable. This helps improve future suggestions. If you choose a company related reason, no more prospects from that company will be shown.

     - If for any reason the prospect would normally match the ICP but on this occasion does not, select ‘other’ and write why. You can tick more than one box for denying the prospect

     9. If the prospect matches your ICP but you do not wish to use the trigger, click on ‘Monitor for another trigger’. This will add the prospect to the monitored list, and they will reappear when a new trigger has been identified.

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