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How to Export Prospects to a CSV File

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  • Exporting a list of potential customer profiles to a CSV file means transferring the data from a digital format to a comma-separated values file, which allows for easy organization and analysis in spreadsheet software. This file format ensures that the customer profile data, including relevant information such as names, contact details, and preferences, can be conveniently shared, stored, and manipulated for further business operations and targeted marketing efforts. But how is it done using Samplead? This article will show you how! 
  • The first step in exporting your customer profiles to a CSV file is to navigate to the proper campaign. You can locate your campaigns from your dashboard, or start a new campaign using the “create a new campaign” prompt. You can be sure you’re on the dashboard if the house tab on the left is lit up in purple.
  • From there, you must select the customer profiles that you wish to export to the CSV file. You can do this by clicking the box to the left of their profile.
  • From here, you should click the “export” prompt, and select the CSV option from the dropdown menu.
  • From here, you will be met with a screen like the one below. You will then be able to select the “download list” prompt and your new CSV file will be downloaded.
  • If you have any questions, please contact customer support.

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