What Do Different Prospect Statuses mean?

What Do Different Prospect Statuses mean?

                                       What do the different prospect statuses mean

As prospects filter through the funnel until a meeting is booked, different status will be shown. These are:

“In queue”

“Connection Request”





  1. In queue = This means the prospect has already been approved, and the connection request is waiting to be sent.

  1. Connection Request = A connection request on LinkedIn has been sent to the prospect.

  1. Connected = The prospect has accepted the connection request.

  1. Replied = The prospect has responded to the personalized initial message

  1. Interested = The prospect is has shown interest in engaging in conversation about your product

  1. Booked = The system has detected that a meeting has likely been booked. The system will also indicate a prospect as booked if they have provided an email address

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